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SSTC has provided training and support to thousands of engineers, fabricators, erectors, inspectors, building officials and others involved in steel buildings, steel bridges and other forms of steel construction.
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What We Offer

Consulting Services

SSTC frequently provides consulting services to owners, engineers, fabricators, erectors and testing agencies to assist in the understanding and/or resolution of steel construction issues.

Online On-Demand Seminars

SSTC offers the industry online, on-demand, recorded seminars. Internet speeds and training software technology now allow for this method of providing the same level of information to you, without the need for you to travel, take off work, miss those inspections or miss those meetings.


To improve efficiency and quality in the steel construction industry, SSTC publishes the Structural Bolting Handbook, the Structural Welding Quality Handbook, and the Shop Inspection Handbook for Structural Steel Buildings. We also provide the Structural Steel Inspector’s Workbook, written by Bob Shaw of the SSTC and published jointly with the International Code Council.

Self Study Courses

SSTC offers a seven-section self-study course on high-strength bolting,. Each section contains detailed written text explaining the subject matter, followed by a quiz to be completed and submitted to SSTC for grading.

Inspector Exams

SSTC offers a unique service to fabricators, erectors, testing and inspection agencies, building departments, and others who need to establish or document the knowledge of their inspectors.

In-House Seminars

SSTC offers all our seminars on an in-house basis to meet the training needs for your staff. We work with you to tailor the seminar material to your staff’s needs, emphasizing and expanding those areas in most need, and reducing or deleting those things that are less important.

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Publications: Structural Bolting Handbook 2022

Based upon the 2020 edition of the RCSC Specification for Structural Joints using High-Strength Bolts and the 2022 edition of the AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, with references as needed to the prior 2014 RCSC and 2016 AISC Specifications  
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